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User Input: Buy Time

Today is my birthday. No, don’t go there… it’s a useless birthday year. There’s no reason to celebrate anything. I’m getting older, balder and more single as the day goes on, so shut-it. The fun part is that my family just gives up on buying me a present and just gives me money […]

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User Input: Culture Clash 2

Oh this is what we run on!

I refuse to believe that the Geek Culture is dead.  I didn’t know about any geek culture when I was a teenager, getting shoved around at school and laughed at for my knowledge.  Now, I am a successful geek.  I relish the culture of wearing a […]

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User Input: Culture Clash 1

I won’t rehash the entire article by Patton Oswalt, so go read it here.  It is stated that Geek Culture is dead.  The old Geek Culture was based on encyclopedic knowledge of a specific knowledge base.  In the 80’s and 90’s, if my friends had a Star Wars or music question, they came […]