The Style of Technology

Tied to History


Yesterday, our indignant leader took us on a journey into the world of corporate assimilation. The variety of careers demonstrated by our readership and the variety of what is considered appropriate work attire was very intriguing. It got me thinking, though. The necktie, once a bastion of the workplace, is kind of an odd garment. Where did it come from?

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User Input

User Input: Factually Incorrect

Pasty-white skin not included.

Last night, we found ourselves accidentally watching What Not To Wear. It wasn’t so much because we wanted to, but it was on whatever channel popped up after our recorded program was over, and the remote was all the way over there. They were forcing their generic mass-marketed chain-store […]

User Input

User Input: Wear Your Pride

I have a few variations on this shirt.

My significant other has known me for long enough now that she’s largely given up on making me look presentable when we leave the house together. She knows full well it’s a crap shoot on the best of days. Some days I’ll look dashing and […]