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Embassy: Not quite “Atomic Toasters: The Game”

A mock game during alpha testing. Yellow, at the top of the photo (actually playing the smaller, light brown pieces) is leading, 4-2-2-1 going clockwise.

“The crowed streets of Alpsylvania’s capital are thick with spies and intrigue. Four foreign embassies struggle to thwart threats to their security and gain the upper hand over their […]

Old School Gaming, User Input

User Input: Are Board Games Still Relevant?

The initial board layout for EMBASSY, a rather complex counter-espionage-themed game I invented some time back, but never successfully coerced anyone into actually playing.

Board games, from the centuries-old parlor games of chess, backgammon, go and pachisi, to well-known modern classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, and even offbeat, obscure cult favorites, have provided most […]