Cause and Effect

Liberty’s Flame

France, who has a long and tumultuous relationship with Great Britain, was a supporter of the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. France had recently lost the Seven Years War and was eager for revenge and to keep Britain from becoming too powerful. When the Americans declared independence in 1776, France jumped at the […]

Genius Innovators

The Gift of France

First photograph of a person. Watch your souls.

First photograph of a person. Watch your souls.

Following the progress of technology can be pretty interesting. The camera obscura we looked at yesterday played a huge role in the development of the first camera photography. Up until the 1820s, the camera obscura would allow artists to project and image and paint it. However, our modern idea of photography is a photochemical process. That process did come along until Nicéphore Niépce created the first photograph in 1822 when he used a camera obscura to project an image on a plate with bitumen. The bitumen would harden as it was exposed to light and then the soft bitumen could be washed away. Exposure times were measured in hours and possibly days.

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Genius Innovators

Take Deep Breaths and Let Me Touch Your Breasts

The first stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by René Laennec. It had a wooden tube and one earpiece. A far cry from the biaural, flexible tube models doctors wear around their necks today. But other than advances over the last 195 years, the principle is still the same. Speaking of those advances, in 1840 Golding Bird developed a monaural stethoscope with a flexible tube. The binaural stethoscope followed shortly after in 1851.
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Moments in History

Viva la France!

While trying to figure out which of the many contributions to technology and science that France has made I stumbled across the fact that the modern pencil was developed by a Frenchman. During the Napoleonic Wars, France was unable to import the pure graphite from England or the German-developed graphite substitute for pencils. […]