Startup: Butcher Shops in Nerd Heaven


I want to go to there. BTW, for those who haven’t a clue what this is: Cut Man and Mega Man from 1987’s Mega Man video game series that kicked off a decades long video game franchise that nobody has bothered to make a major motion picture about […]


Startup: This Stuff Practically Writes Itself

And I thought only coffee shops were supposed to have annoyingly whimsical names. Punsters, start your engines.


User Input

User Input: Culinary Gadgetry

We don’t talk about cooking anywhere near enough here on AtomicToasters, so let’s make up for that a little bit today. Let’s face it, the culinary arts are really a very geeky endeavour. Baking involves a lot of chemistry to get the mixtures just right. Cooking is more of an art form, but […]


Startup: It Takes 1000 Years To Digest

OK, the chopsticks were cool, but this is even better a combining my three favourite things: Star Wars, food, and LEGO!



Startup: Chopsaber

And suddenly all at once, there is a perfect union of three of my favourite things: Star Wars, food, and impracticality.



Startup: Killin’ & Grillin’

The BBQ is an icon of game day parties and backyard shenanigans. Fewer are more hardcore than this grill made from the engine of a German Leopard 1 tank.


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Startup: Robot Restaurant

In China (yes, communist effin’ China!) there are restaurants staffed by robots. A greeter will welcome you, an usher will take your order, the cooks are robots, as is the waiter who delivers your food. Though robots can be expensive, they save on labor costs (a few humans in the control room actually […]


Startup: Last Minute Gift Idea 2

Yesterday we saw Portal earrings for her. This one is more for him, but I’m sure it’s something you can both enjoy. Also, if the world is going to end today, this is a fantastic way to make your heart explode before you die of burning […]


Startup: Another Shameless Star Wars Reference

How could I not? Food, Star Wars, Butter, Star Wars, Cheese, Star Wars, more fat, you get the idea. Full of win.


Startup: It’s A Little Cheesy, But Why Not

Those other cheese deconstructors always left me feeling like a square. Now I can properly rock it and feel gouda.

Yeah I’m done.