Startup: Flying Bike

Maybe the flying car won’t be the revolution the 60’s told us it would be, but a flying bike could be awesome. Aerofex calls it a “Tendem Duct Aerial Vehicle”. Check out the sample video, or you can see the testing-in-progress over at Aerofex’s web site.





Startup: The Taylor Aerocar

In 1949, Moulton Taylor designed and built what he called a roadable aircraft. Rather than try to make a car fly, he set out to make a small plane into something you can also drive. Based on the fact that only six were ever built, the idea didn’t resonate much with consumers. If you really want one, two of the six are for sale as long as you have a spare million or two dollars burning a hole in your pocket. More pics after the jump.

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User Input

User Input: Up, Up and Away!

Now what's so difficult about that?

We’ve talked here before about the possibilities around flying cars, and the general consensus that we seemed to come to was that there was about a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing them in our lifetime. But now a Dutch company has come out with a flying car that… actually looks feasible. Well, except for a few minor details.

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User Input

User Input: Flights of Fancy

You could see this sight out your window someday soon… but I wouldn't hold my breath.

For years, even decades now, we’ve been told that  flying cars would be arriving “any day now”. Certainly, as long as I’ve been alive, there have been breathless exhortations of how close this technology was. Soon, they […]

User Input

User Input – The Test of Time Part IV: Blade Runner

I’m not saying this was a great movie, but it’s definitely a must see for anyone who wants to carry official geek credentials. It took me three separate tries (with several years in between) to watch the entire thing without falling asleep. Hint: don’t watch the director’s cut.

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User Input

User Input: Ultimate Vaporware

Thirteen years later during a psychotherapy session, it was discovered that little Jimmy had walked in on Mrs. Breadbox showing her loaf to Mr. Coffee.

When I woke up this morning and started getting ready for work, I let my hover-bed drift me gently into the sonic shower, let the Wardrobatron 3000 select the appropriate shiny silver jumpsuit for me to wear, then strapped on my jet pack and zipped off to the office. Then I woke up and realized it was still the 1940’s and it was all a dream. Shortly thereafter, I woke up from that dream and realized I had spent far too much time the night before on the phone with Deartháir while drinking bottom shelf scotch and nuking incandescent light bulbs in a 30 year old microwave (that last one is more fun than it sounds, and it sounds like hella fun to me).

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