Startup: For The Serious Gamer

You want more than just an authentic HUD in your flight simulator, you want the realistic experience of a cramped cockpit and obstructed view. While this solution is cheap, it probably wouldn’t stand up to yesterday’s fire suppression event.


What Ever Became of…Console Flight Simulators?

The rise of River Run and Pilotwings gave the average youngster a progression from 2-D to 3-D movement, and honed the skills necessary for long distance drone operation. Suppose you wanted to sit in an actual cockpit, practice like a real pilot? In the days of the console flight simulator, that experience was only as far as your local grocery store!

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Old School Gaming

Retro Games: Jetfighter II

Back in the early days of the home computing boom, just before the Pentium P5 chip set the world on it’s ear, the 66Mhz – 486DX2 processor was king of the MS-DOS gaming era. Paired with a VESA Local Bus card for “mind-blowing” graphic bandwidths, these early home computers represented a huge leap forward in the gaming world at the time.

While primitive by today’s standards, this marked a transition from earlier 2-d games such as Wheel of Fortune, Oregon Trail and Lemmings into the fledgling world of 3-Dimensional gamelay we now take for granted.

Always a popular segment were the flight simulator games, allowing us the curious sensation of flying like the birds without ever leaving the living room, office or den. The most popular flight games have always included some sort of fighting ability, and Jetfighter II represents a hugely popular (and one of my all-time favorite) flight simulators of the day. Continue reading Retro Games: Jetfighter II