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May 28, 1906 – San Francisco in Ruins

San Francisco in Ruins (Clicken to enbiggenate)


This amazingly detailed, panoramic high resolution photograph shows just how completely devastated 4 days and 4 nights of fires left San Francisco after the Great 1906 Earthquake.

6 weeks later smoke still hangs in the air as people begin the long, mammoth task of cleaning up.

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Prototypes and Experiments

Women’s Liberation


In 1932 women could not vote in France. They wouldn’t get that right until 1944. What they could do it test fire-proof suits as Mademoiselle Suzanne Piget demonstrates.

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Setting Fires In Space

The Burning and Suppression of Solids (BASS) experiment aboard the ISS seeks to teach scientists about fire in space. Microgravity environments cause things, like fire, to behave differently. Add in the oxygen enriched atmospheres of spacecraft and fire can be a real problem. If we are going to send humans on multi-year journeys […]


Startup: Safe, Alternative Energy

Wind power is one of the safest, cleanest forms of OHMYGODRUNFORYOURLIFE



Startup: Domino Fire

trestle_collapseWe don’t normally put real news up here, but the “Oh look cool” factor was too much to ignore. In Lampasas County, Texas, and old train bridge caught fire. Decades of coal dust, oil, and other flammable materials on the ancient wooden structure spread the fire the entire length of the bridge and the fire department was helpless to stop it. Check the video after the jump to watch as the collapse of a single trestle causes the whole thing to go down like dominoes.

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User Input

User Input: Productive Holidays

The Chicken Cannon.

Yes, yes, yes, happy Thanksgiving-a-month-late to our American friends. Now then, moving on, we have more important matters to discuss.

This is the Turkey Day holiday, meaning there will be an amazing number of over-cooked, under-cooked or just badly prepared turkeys all over the land. Some of these will likely […]

Quixotic Quantum Quandary

Q³: But it Looks Broken

Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome to the highly anticipated weekly Quixotic Quantum Quandary–Q³! Today’s part is fairly small, but once upon a time it served an important purpose. Not only is it small, its time of useful service was also fleeting.

I have no doubt that there may be someone who knows! the answer based on seeing one photo and reading that brief description. Everyone else, click through the jump for more!

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User Input

User Input: Light Up My Life

The Centennial Bulb, lit almost continuously since 1901.

Man has long worshipped the sun and the moon for, among other things, the light they provide. The light of the sun got man through the day, and the light of the moon helped him find his way to the cathole at night. It’s no […]

User Input

User Input: Fun With A Magnetron

It's an animated GIF. I know. I deserve your hatred.

A while back I mentioned a video of a recycling project which included heinous experiments with a microwave. What you are seeing above is what happens when you microwave CD-R discs. As you can see, there’s not much difference in behavior between the […]