Pushing Boundaries

In Technicolor

Color films began appearing in the 1930s, shortly after the talkies. Technicolor created a process that could record “natural color” on the film. They did this by using a three-strip color process. Light entering the camera was split by a prism and recorded on separate film strips which had filters and emulsions sensitive […]

Genius Innovators



Obviously, the next major progression in the advancement of film is adding sound — music and conversation — to make the film experience more like the world we actually live in. Interestingly, this had actually been done near the very beginning of the silent movie era.

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Genius Innovators

I See Trees of Green; Red Roses, Too


Once the process of taking photos started to be ironed out, people wanted to do more than stare at Oreo’s and wanted to see in color. Color photography actually stretches back to the mid-1800s. The first permanent color photograph was taken in 1861 by taking three separate black and white photos through red, green and blue filters, respectively. Then color would be added or subtracted, depending on the method used.

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User Input

User Input: The Thing That Does The Stuff

The Maltese MacGuffin

I watched Captain America for the first time this weekend, and very nearly gave myself a concussion from all the facepalms I did during the movie. It wasn’t that the movie itself was bad, per se, it was the simple fact that so much of it was glossed over and […]