User Input

User Input: Stubborn Resistance

Purists always say that the sound that comes from an old vinyl LP is warmer and more “genuine” than that which comes from a CD. Scientifically speaking, through a really good system, a good recording on a CD can sound absolutely identical to a performer singing live into a microphone, something which is […]

A-T Technology Death Pool

Film At Eleven

This last weekend I went up to the Sno*Drift rally. I won’t go into that here, because cars bore us unlike those cats over at Hooniverse. However, something did strike me.
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Startup: Meta Photography

A photograph of a camera… how very meta!

I was walking past a photography store yesterday, and noticed that there wasn’t a single film camera on display in the window. I can’t imagine they’ve stopped making film cameras, but are they becoming truly few and far between. If so, it’s a technology I’ll […]