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Slow Dance – Grim Fandango Retrospective

It’s appropriate to roll a movie preview first. Grim Fandango is deeply influenced by classic films. From a structure in multiple acts, to the characters, to the title cards, the story and settings have references and influences coming out of the woodwork. But that’s the only reverence found in the Land of the Dead. The plot unfolds like a free-wheeling conversation that leaps from the Aztec afterlife to Art Deco to film noir to hotrodding to carrier pigeons to beatnik poetry and riffs on all of them with wry criticism, jokes, and fine threads.
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Startup: Transcendence

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Transformers and Film Noir: you never thought you would see those things in the same sentence but they apparently work together as well as salted chocolate. This poster, and whole bunch more geek culture crossovers are the product of Canadian artist Marco D’Alfonso. You can also check […]