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Now That’s Incredible

Last week we celebrated US Naval Aviation’s 100th birthday, and Monday we featured a neat pic of the ex-USS Enterprise (CV-6) steaming into 1945 New York City after WWII.

Today thanks to a tip by Toasters & Hooniverse regular commenter Justin Eddings, we offer an entirely new twist on the theme.

Behold this mind-bogglingly awesome 1/72 scale replica of the current USS Enterprise, CVN-65.

Scratch built by madman Gabriel Suranyi, this work of art stands 16 feet long, 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall and represents 19 YEARS (as of 2007) of his hard work. It is so exact in fact, that a flat-top sailor would instantly recognize any of the close-up photos. Indeed, the replica represents the USS Enterprise along with the embarked Air-Wing 11 during the ships’ actual 1989 cruise. Continue reading Now That’s Incredible

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The Taylor Mini-IMP

From the time I was just a kid, one of my favorite aircraft designs has been the Taylor Mini-IMP. Looking like the love child of a sailplane and the Douglas X-3 Stiletto, it was everything I imagined flying should be (and still do). And unlike the X-3, the Mini-IMP’s homebuilt availability and prop-driven affordability made the dream seem so temptingly tangible.
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