Startup: How Far Away Is The Moon

This annoying strip represents the distance of the Moon from Earth (to scale relative to the size of the bodies pictured). Hit the jump for a full size (12,000px +) version.

The ISS is in low Earth orbit, a mere 370km (230mi) above us is less than four times the height of the Kármán line – an imaginary point 100km (62mi) above us which is the lowest altitude that can be considered to be “in space”. There’s still some air up there, which is how some people have sent Lego and iPhones into what qualifies as space using a helium weather balloon.

Next out is things that we put there and appear to stay in the same place. Most commercial communications satellites are out here at almost 36,000km (22,000mi).














This is how far light, over-the-air broadcasts of Doctor Who, and your banal cell phone conversations travel in one second.


An Asteroid creatively named “2005 YU55” passed this close to us in late 2011. In 2028, it will try to smash us again. If it does (0.001% chance of this happening) it will make a crater as wide as the Oakland bridge is long.


This delightful little guy is our Moon. He’s about 400,000km (250,000mi) away for now, but he’s not staying. He’s moving away about as fast as your fingernails grow – around 1½ inches per year. Fortunately for us, we’ll be long dead as the expanding Sun consumes both of us before he can leave.

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