Cause and Effect

Quit Hitting Yourself

Did you ever wonder to yourself, “If jet fighters can fly faster than a speeding bullet, and they shoot bullets, what’s to stop them from flying into their own bullets??” The answer may astound and amaze you! Not only is it possible to shoot yourself down, it has actually been done! Once seems to have been enough, and the military evolved its flying combat tactics so that it wouldn’t happen again.

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Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Can there be a cooler project name?

“John Glenn climbing out of the cockpit of his F-8-UI Crusader jet at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field in 1957, after making the first nonstop, supersonic flight from Los Angeles to New York. The flight was called “Project Bullet” because Glenn traveled faster than a bullet. The […]


Breaking the Sound Barrier

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of Chuck Yeager’s flight that broke the sound barrier. Sitting in a Bell X-1 he named Glamorous Glennis after his wife, Yeager could barely close the hatch due to cracked ribs from a horse riding accident two days before.

He was dropped from the bomb bay of […]