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The Last Gasp For Large Piston Engines

Pratt and Whitney R-4360 VDT

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Starting in the mid nineteen forties there was a move to this newfangled jet turbine technology. Still it was mostly untested and the good old internal combustion engine was better known.  Into this small fragment of time was an interesting innovation of Pratt & Whitney’s.

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A-T Technology Death Pool

Taking A Peek At Your Email

Peek Email Device

Peek Email Device

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During the birth of the Smartphone a little startup decided to go against the grain with a low cost email option. Learning that people care far about cost then you may think.


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A-T Technology Death Pool

MSN Direct: And Now The Oddities


We all need to know the weather when we are making coffee

Oh Look At Those Temperatures Maybe I should Make It Stronger



Sure getting stock information and Outlook calendar events on your watch are cool but what can you really do with this technology.  Time for the also ran’s.


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User Input

User Input: Beloved Failures

Advanced for its day… and a dismal failure.

Fodder’s recent posts on the MSN Direct watch-things, which I had never heard of, reminded me of some of the fine points that we had in mind when we originally started AtomicToasters: the glorious failures. There’s something magical and beautiful about the technology that was […]

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The Ultimate Snow Vehicle?

Snowmageddon 2011 is quickly approaching. Here at the Atomic Toasters Detroit field office we’re expecting up to 16 inches of snow when it’s all said and done. That’s a pretty significant snowfall for us, and it is unlikely many people will be headed to work tomorrow. However, if you do need to go to work, and the road crews have been enjoying coffee in a heated office while snow accumulates on the ground, the proper equipment would be needed to traverse the snowy landscape.

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