Startup: Commuting In Hyperspace

Marketing  punks know no limits, and given His Holiness George Boll Waters Lucas the Great and nutty with his inability to stop from messing with the beloved franchise, then it’s no surprise that he managed to whip the promotional gurus at 20th Century Fox into a frenzy whereby they vandalized the Tokyo subway system. […]

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User Input: Hide It Where They Can Find It

During the American Civil War, J P Morgan bought defective rifles from the army, and sold them back to the government as new, non-defective weapons. Not only did he make a profit on the sale, but he actually pre-sold the weapons to the government and used that money to buy the bad guns in […]

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User Input: Profiteering for Fun and, um, Profit

I didn’t realize until OA5599 pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the Apollo astronauts were such fans of the Corvette. Or at least, Chevrolet invested in making sure it looked like that. And why not? What’s the point of being famous if you don’t leverage the fruits of sponsorship deals? Granted, it may have […]

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User Input: Caveat Emptor

In many African nations, illiteracy is so common that food packaging doesn’t wast much space on fancy labels or brand names and instead focuses on having a nice picture of what’s inside so that people know what they’re buying. No wonder, then, that Nestlé had trouble selling its Gerber brand of baby foods […]

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User Input: A Rose By Any Other Name

One of the things I love the most about large corporations is marketing. And by love, I mean “wish I could throw down a well.” Marketing is responsible for creating buzz around useless crap, bungling great ideas into failure, and quite often naming the products themselves (hey Intel, could you make it a […]

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User Input: Thanks Marketing, Now I Can’t Buy It

This is a seriously hard topic for which to find an appropriate image.

Nintendo has had a fairly straightforward 1-2-3 approach to the console market since the 80’s: 1) Revolutionize the genre (d-pad). 2) Put it on the most powerful console on the market (NES). 3) Profit.

This model worked through the 8-bit, […]