Startup: Escher in Sci-Fi, What’s Not To Love?

Star Wars Escher in Lego is cool all by itself, but this diorama encapsulates the original trilogy at the same time. Starting in the top-left you have the sands of Tatooine, to the right is the grey platforms of the Death Star, below is the gloom of Jaba’s Palace, to the left of that […]

User Input

User Input: You E-‘scher’ Got Me There

Low Res so as not to violate fair use.

Today’s User Input comes from a tip from reader Joe Schmo. The picture above is The Belvedere Building, one of many recognizable works by notably insane artist M.C. Escher. Schmo sends us this video from YouTube, demonstrating a practical construct of Escher’s “Endless Waterfall” […]