Startup: Safe, Alternative Energy

Wind power is one of the safest, cleanest forms of OHMYGODRUNFORYOURLIFE


Idiotic or Inspired?

Beautiful Failure

So it seems this has turned into Engine Week here on the Tosters of which we are Atomic. I love following the crowd and hate feeling left out. So, I bring you the Subaru-Coloni C3. Never heard of it? Well, hit the jump!

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User Input: Patently Terrible

The original patent in all its brilliant magnificence.

In March of 1960, a man named Gordon Spitzmesser developed a gas-powered pogo stick. It was essentially a single-cylinder internal combustion engine, but instead of the con-rod connecting to a crankshaft, it simply fired downwards on the “peg” of the pogo stick. The more aggressively […]

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User Input: Missed It By That Much

So close.

We had an election yesterday up here in Alberta, and while we’re going to leave the political commentary out of it, it was a bit remarkable in one aspect. Heading into the election today, every pollster in the province was demonstrating the same result. The Wildrose Party was polling far out […]


Startup: Multi-Function Failure

There is a universal truth about any tool that is designed to fulfill a multitude of functions: it will pretty much never fulfill any of those functions as well as a tool designed specifically for the task, and what it gains in convenience it will usually sacrifice in a string of swearwords […]