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Why All The Power Plant Pr0n This Week?

For the less-than-observant among you, dear readers, I have posted a string of articles about power plants this week. Why? What was the impetus given my general distrust of electricity? Well, this last weekend I finally got power back to my garage. You see, shortly after I bought my house the garage circuit […]

Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

The First Power Station


If you’ve ever been to Germany, you probably visited one or more palaces. These incredible homes with gardens that seemingly stretch on forever show how rich of a history Germany has. One of these palaces made history in 1878 when it had the world’s first power station.

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Great Scams in History

All New Electric Car!

Tesla. Fisker. Electric Car Co. of California, Inc. One of these is not like the other.

[Image Credit: x-ray delta one]

Great Scams in History

Electrical Gibberish

electrical_engineering_by_goazilla-d32irgb (1)

This is what electrical engineering looks like to me. In fact, electricity is about as trustworthy and as full of black magic as a gyrocopter. It can’t be trusted, and even electrical engineers don’t fully understand what’s going on inside the wire. Mostly, it’s just hell-induced gibberish. I’m not alone. Reader Batshitbox sent the video after the jump with a tip to turn on the closed captioning for what electricity sounds like to us mechanical, non-voodoo types. I bet if you play it backwards it sends subliminal messages to your brain and causes you to commit your soul to Satan.

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