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Zero/Zero and the Complete Opposite


Along the way to the modern ejection seat systems from companies like Martin-Baker, other systems have been developed or talked about. Among these sidetracks in the world of pilot safety are some really great ideas (zero/zero ejection seats) and some really bad ideas (Downward Track ejection systems).

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Genius Innovators



By the time the sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager not long after WW2, the US and Britain finally figured out what the Germans and Swedes had known for years: jumping out of a plane was no longer an option. Initially, the US Army Air Forces looked at using a compressed spring system that would actually have a downward ejection. When this didn’t work, they contacted a little British Company called Martin-Baker.

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Genius Innovators

A Swedish-German Shotgun Ejection

During WW2 the speed and capabilities of aircraft began outstripping man’s ability to jump. Along with the advent of the jet engine in Germany and the SAAB 21 that really provided advancement in the ejection seat technology. Heinkel, while working on the He 280 prototype jet aircraft, deemed it necessary to give the […]

Genius Innovators

Ejection Seat Fantasy

The ejection seat of the B-58 Hustler is an example of a modern ejection capsule. However, the concept for the ejection seat goes back almost the beginning of manned airplanes. In 1910, the first assisted escape from an aircraft took place. The system in question used bungee cords. That’s about all that is […]


Get While the Getting is Good

Some days you get the Rebel, and some days…


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A ride from Hell in an F-14 Tomcat

Meet Pete Purvis, Grumman Aviation test pilot.

The day was June 20, 1973, the airplane was the US Navy’s Fighter of the Future, pre-production F-14 Tomcat #6, and the story is riveting. While test firing an AIM-7 Sparrow missile underneath the future Top-Gun star, something went terribly, terribly wrong. Continue reading A ride from Hell in an F-14 Tomcat