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User Input: Temporarily Permanent

In yesterday’s User Input, our own skitter made a remark that struck me as oddly prescient; in response to mdharrell‘s remark about temporary tattoos, skitter quipped, “When it comes down to it, everything is temporary.”

This is true, in the grand cosmic scheme of things, but it served to remind me that it also applies […]

User Input

User Input: Beautiful Disasters

In my continued efforts to save money, while at the same time getting my Lincoln back to as close to showroom condition as I could manage, I decided this weekend to take on the project of repairing a bit of minor body damage. Thanks to an oversized wheel-and-tire combination, combined with shocks and […]


Startup: Yes, It Really Can Do Anything

OK, so it’s not exactly duct tape, but it’s close. No word on exactly where this is or if it’s to scale, but this is the best use for tape I’ve seen since the milk crate sofa bed.


Genius Innovators

Duct Tape: What Can’t It Do?

A friend of mine in college had a summer internship with UPS at their Knoxville flight operations facility. Upon returning to school the following semester she was sharing with some of the interesting and weird things that happen in the working world and in the world of air freight. One of the most […]


Startup: Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Dr. Frankenstein’s first monster was not held together with stitches and bolts. After a brief consult with his friend Red Green, he decided that an ad-hoc assembly was good enough for his first attempt. Although initially sturdy, the first incarnation of his monster had even more limited mobility than his more famous counterpart. He […]

User Input

User Input: The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

There have been a number of inventions and discoveries that are responsible for launching man from the age of the neanderthal to the glorious creature that he is today. Fire. The Wheel. Sliced Bread. Pizza Bagels. This list would be far from complete, however, without including that staple of all households: Duct Tape.

The most common form of Duct Tape was originally created by Johnson & Johnson during WWII for military applications, initially to seal ammunition cases. From there the uses exploded. One such famous use was on NASA’s Apollo 13 mission to adapt the CO2 scrubbers from the command module to work in the lunar module. They used it again on Apollo 17 to repair the lunar rover’s fender. Duct tape is even included in the supply list in the spaceflight operations manual for the ISS. If an astronaut goes mental on board, official procedure is to restrain him with duct tape.

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Holiday Shenanigans

Red Green Teaches Us How To Cook A Turkey


I’m nominating Red Green as the patron saint of AtomicToasters. Also: if anyone tries this, let me know how you get the peas out.