Startup: Narcotics for the Masses

French Wine Coca was launched in 1885 by John Stith Pemberton, a doctor in the Confederate army, after he created it as an elixir to help get him off his morphine addiction. (A result of a life-threatening injury.) The coca (cocaine) was removed in 1903 due to racism (segregationists claimed that the “negro coke […]

Idiotic or Inspired?


Um, that's not right.

Um, that’s not right.

A coworker and I were just talking about the confusion in our country between English (aka Christian) and Metric (aka Heathen) units. I fell solidly in the heathen camp, as I much prefer working in Metric units. I’m slowly learning to think in those units, as well.

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News Of The Weird, Prototypes and Experiments

MKULTRA, LSD, Mind Control

Mind control is one of those themes that is a staple of science fiction. An evil scientist creates a device that causes people to do things that are against their normal ethical and/or moral standards. A foreign government reprograms a POW to help in its overthrow of a major world government. Even the Jedi and Sith can control the weak minded.
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