Atomic Hangovers

You Dropped a Bomb on Me!

One early spring morning back in 1958, a B-47 from Hunter Air Force Base, located outside of Savannah, Georgia took to the skies, bound for bonny England. The mission was part of Operation Snow Flurry, a “Unit Simulated Combat Mission and Special Weapons Exercise.” Making up the flight crew were Capt. Earl Koehler, pilot; Capt. Charles Woodruff, co-pilot; Capt. Bruce Kulka, navigator/bombardier; and crew chief Sgt. Robert Screptock. The ‘special’ weapon, as you might guess, was a nuclear bomb, the Mark 6. The aircraft, along with 3 others from the 375th Bombardment Squadron, was going to carry the weapon with them on the trip to Bruntingthorpe Air Base, England, and conduct a practice bomb run over England before landing to end an 18 hour day. However, the mission did not exactly work out as planned, and the bomb never made it out of the United States. In fact, you might say it became a pemanent fixture in the landscape.

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Troubleshooting Vacuum Based Electronics

Duck, duck, goose

Ions; we has them

Once the backbone of yesterday’s “modern” electronics and still widely used in guitar amplifiers today, vacuum tubes are one of the longest lived electronic device families in history.

Troubleshooting these ancient artifacts however has become something of a lost black art.

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