Genius Innovators

Technology Leads To Slacktivism…And That’s OK

Let’s face it. The primary reason for technology is to make our lives easier…to increase our overall level of slacktivism. Why deny it? It’s pretty obvious. Early TVs had switches and dials on them and to change the channel you had to get out of the recliner and walk all the way across the living room. Blech.

That’s an easy problem to solve. We call it the remote control. Some things, however, are harder to get lazier about make more efficient. A perfect example is the dog. You want them to not chew on things, and you know the best way to do it is to make sure they get plenty of exercise so they aren’t bored and have too much pent up energy. But, damn, it feels good to sit on the couch. Well, Go-Go Dog Pals has your solution.
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Military-Grade Awesome

Cry, “Havoc!”, and Let Slip the Dogs of War

Osama bin Laden couldn't hide from the war dogs.

In Act 3 Scene 1 of Julius Caesar, Shakespeare made reference to the “dogs of war”. While the phrase has come to be used for any time anything goes on any sort of attack, Shakespeare was talking about actual dogs used in war. As far back as the Egyptians and Persians, dogs have been used in warfare. It wasn’t until recently in the US that dogs have had combat roles.
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