Startup: Rocket Car


Is that a real rocket car, or a roller coaster without tracks?


Startup: That’ll Hold It

You know, in case the parking brake fails.



Startup: Corona Directional Antenna

I would normally mock people for such things, but the sad truth is that this would actually work.



Startup: Way Too Serious

This guy is way too serious about his racing games… and I want one.



Startup: Never Too Early

“Hey dad, can you hand me my Fisher Price box wrench and Nerf hammer, there’s a bad bearing in the gumball shaft.”



Startup: Everything The 60’s Wasn’t


Is that the sound of lovemaking I hear? No, it’s just some hippie spinning in their grave.


Startup: Just Plain Wrong

Not everyone has the same taste in cars, but I think we can all agree, this kind of crap needs to stop right effing now.


Airborne Awesomosity

Built to Scale

Scale B-17_Bally-B-17-Engine-Next-To-Cessna-140-Outside

The idea of building your own, well, anything really, I think, holds some certain appeal. Your hands built the kit car, the dining room table, the circuit boards inside your computer, and I think that gives a greater appreciation when you use the thing you built. A fellow by the name of Jack Bally has taken the idea of a home-built aircraft to a whole different level, with a quite exacting 1/3 scale replica of a B-17 bomber, made to be a flyable manned aircraft. Not quite completed yet, you can see it above parked next to a 2 passenger Cessna 140, which gives you a sense of the size of this plane. The wingspan is 34ft 7in, and the four engines are Hirth 3002 4-cylinder 2-strokes that will make around 60 horsepower apiece. The air frame for the mini-17 is all handmade out of aluminum, and the landing gear is retractable, just like the real deal. Continue reading Built to Scale


Startup: Seriously Riveted


In case of zombie attack… maybe find something less rusty.


Startup: Important Life Skills

Just in case you plan on covering your neighbor’s house in bird crap.