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Pasty-white skin not included.

Last night, we found ourselves accidentally watching What Not To Wear. It wasn’t so much because we wanted to, but it was on whatever channel popped up after our recorded program was over, and the remote was all the way over there. They were forcing their generic mass-marketed chain-store […]

Big Complicated Machines

Musical Mechanical Monstrosities

From the Pottsville Historical Museum near Merlin Oregon, comes this video of a 1936 Fairbanks Morse 32D diesel powerplant going through warm-up exercises for a transfixed audience.

This video has made its home in a tab of my web browser for quite some time now, and I watch it whenever I feel the need for a moment of zen. There is something soothing about the combination of spinning flywheel and puffs of smoke that calm and focus my easily distracted… squirrel!!

A long-time producer of windmill, gas, coal gas and diesel powerplants for industrial uses such as mining, milling, logging and marine, Fairbanks Morse has been around in one form or another for a staggering 189 years.

And speaking of staggering, did you see the SIZE of them @#$% smoke rings?!!?  If I ever win the lottery you bet your ass I’m gonna get one of these in my back yard to play with. Hit the jump to see this big old thing in action.

They say the ground shakes each time it fires. And I’m pretty sure I just heard someone say “Roadtrip!!” Even though that means I’ll end up visiting crazy relatives… (Oregon, you know…)  Continue reading Musical Mechanical Monstrosities


An Ode to the Aging Diesel

Portland & Western #2304 ‘City of Corvallis’ in Albany, OR. 2304 is an EMD GP39-2

I think trains get a bad rap here in the States. A few bad experiences with Amtrak, or getting caught behind mile long Union Pacific freights probably doesn’t help. There seems to be an unspoken rule amongst car enthusiasts that they can’t get excited over trains, either. So bear with me.
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User Input: Scribbly Lines on a Screen

(Image Source: Sluggy Freelance)

There was no User Input yesterday, because during the time I would normally write the article, I was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. This would not normally be a problem, as I’ve changed enough tires that I could have that job done in […]