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User Input: Low-Tech Celebration

On behalf of the Canadian contingent of AtomicToasters, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish our American neighbours a very happy Independence Day. We’re going on the assumption that you celebrate your national holiday in much the same way as we celebrate Canada Day: drinking a number of adult beverages, enjoying the […]

User Input

User Input: World Championship Parenting


David LaFerriere started doodling on his kids’ sandwich bags about five years ago. It’s gradually grown into something of a tradition; a daily ritual that he used to get his creative juices flowing for his work-day ahead became a beloved surprise that his kids looked forward to. He started this ritual back in 2008, when his two children were nine and ten years of age; he’s drawn one miniature masterpiece for each of them for every school day since, totalling well over 1,000 bags — and counting!

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Startup: Grab A Bowl And Get Comfortable

Cosmetic trim? Wouldn't see that anymore. (Image from Crumblin Down's Flickr Feed)

As we kick off our second week of AtomicToasters, we need to bring out a bit of tradition. There is something of an art to a good bowl of popcorn, and when you find a theatre that still serves it correctly, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

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