Atari’s “Think Tank” – Cyan Engineering


“Press Any Key…”

I recently ran across this fantastic and odd little gem – “Atari’s Cyan Engineering – Splendor in the Grass”, a largely forgotten short documentary about Atari’s famous “think-tank” shot in 1982, two years before Big Brother was supposed to make life hell (and 30 years before he actually would).


Atari VCS/2600

Atari VCS/2600


It highlights some of the work developed here that Atari became famous for such as the VCS (Video Computer System/2600), and serves as a bit of a fun time-machine to back where they tinker with ideas, peer into the future and try to predict much of what we take for granted today. Video conferencing and small portable “Briefcase sized” computers are mentioned for example, along with Continue reading Atari’s “Think Tank” – Cyan Engineering