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Message in the Sand – Graffiti on Mars

Here’s a little intergalactic Easter egg…

Our latest Mars Rover “Curiosity”, which set down on the Red Planet last year – August 2012, has a curious pattern molded into the tread of its 20 inch wheels…

For those of you well versed in the ancient language of the Old West, or perhaps even […]

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User Input: Life On Mars

Your Favourite Martian.

Just a few minutes ago, the brilliant eggheads over at NASA announced that it does seem like they’ve discovered traces of organic compounds on Mars. This is amazing news, specifically because it does appear that they’re a result of, at the very least, conditions in the distant past that would […]

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User Input: Barely a Speck of Dust

The Milky Way. Still think it matters that the barista screwed up your order?

My Facebook friend Staci was lamenting yesterday that she was having one of those days where she felt at odds with the universe, that she was such a tiny, trivial, insignificant speck in the grand cosmic scheme of things. A feeling she blamed on the landing of the Mars Curiosity rover, since the sheer scale of what they accomplished is outside of the comprehension of someone in their day-to-day travels. And yet, when you take a big look at it, we did little more than fire a bullet at a target across our yard. When you start to really explore the scale of the universe, that’s when it really starts to get to you.

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The successful landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars is a triumph for NASA and JPL, and let us not forget all of the ‘little guys’ working in the background who helped to make it possible.