Startup: Everything The 60’s Wasn’t


Is that the sound of lovemaking I hear? No, it’s just some hippie spinning in their grave.


Startup: Recycle for the Dark Side

Lord Vader says, “I find your accumulation of old crap disturbing.”



Startup: Hardware Chess

If you have a socket set, you can also use it for checkers. (But it will probably turn out to be metric – blast!)



Startup: Electrical Leakage

Looks like it’s time to replace the gasket on that thing, there’s some light leaking out. I want one not just because it’s cool, but because I could use it to terrorize my sister. As soon as I made the “leaking” joke, she would take it literally. She’s six kinds of crazy, and […]

Airborne Awesomosity

US Air Force’s Swiss Miss

So let’s say you don’t want to be seen, even when you are visible. What do you do? Buy a Camry? That’s pretty much what the United States Air Force’s Special Operations Command did when they bought as many as 24 Pilatus PC-12s, which they designate the U-28A.
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User Input

User Input: Avoiding the Rip-Off

Problem solved!

For the media system in my office, I’ve managed to repurpose an old bookshelf audio system CaffeineFuelled found lying around in storage. You’re probably familiar with them, it’s one of those old Panasonic boxes from the ’90s, the ones with phenomenal power and a very 1990’s-futuristic design, filled with creases and […]


Startup: Snowzilla

Often rail companies will send out extra trains to keep snow from accumulating on the tracks, but in Boston the Mattapan line is a special case. It’s a short line that runs restored trolley cars from the 1940’s, whose motors tend to short out in heavy snow. When they get 6 inches or more […]

User Input

User Input: Creative Repurposing

One of the things about being choosy nerds and buying slightly higher-end items — pens, watches, lighters, lightsabers — is that they tend to come in very nice cases. This always seems like such a nice thing when we buy them, and it gives us that moment of “ooh shiny” that is so […]