Spy vs Spy Week

Operation Gold

A tunnel and a media circus

One of the major parts of spying is intercepting and collecting communications from hostile nations. In the early 1950s, Berlin was probably the best places in Europe for the West to try to intercept communications by the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries. It was the largest city on the continent and communication lines from Western France to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union were routed through Berlin. It became even more important in 1951, when the Soviets began switching their secure communications from wireless to encrypted land lines, especially all of their military traffic.

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Spy vs Spy Week, User Input

User Input: Crossing Into Legend

No spies here. We're not spies. Spies? Not us. No way!

As a rule of thumb, the military and intelligence organizations around the world will use operational names as a method to obscure the nature of their missions for any unauthorized listeners. These names, as it turns out, also result in a significant […]