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Supporting the 200 Inch Mirror in the Hale Telescope

Mirror cell for the 200 inch mirror at the Babcock & Wilcox factory

Good morning, everyone.

Today I’m going talk about the Hale telescope again, but not about the parts of the telescope that I was originally going to talk about, because while researching the part I was going to talk about, I found this really interesting other part of the telescope to talk about, so I’m going to talk about that instead of what I was going to talk about. I just want to be clear about that.

The last time we talked about the Hale telescope, we talked about how the mirror was cast, ground, and polished. The next step for the mirror would be its journey to Mt. Palomar, and its installation into the telescope structure. What we’re going to look at this time is the supporting structure for the 200 inch mirror, a collection of mechanisms that are more important and more complex than you might imagine.

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