Startup: Machining In The 5th Dimension

This gorgeous motorcycle helmet was milled out of a single block of aluminum. While it won’t really protect your head in a crash, Daishin Seiki made this to celebrate their 50th anniversary, and the show off their CNC machine that works in not three, but FIVE dimensions. OK, I just got an update here, apparently that’s five axis and not five dimensions. No time travel was involved in making the helmet. Not nearly as interesting, but hit the jump for the video of how they made it.

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Astronomical Engines, Geeky Astronomy

Rooting Out New Celestial Objects

The Zeiss blink comparator at the Lowell observatory

Greetings, everyone.

Have you ever wondered how astronomers find new asteroids? Or spot new comets? Or even how they can spot a new supernova? Even looking through a big telescope, with all the billions of tiny little light specks visible, how in the world can you tell if something has moved or changed brightness?

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