Shutdown: Yet Another Abandoned Control Room

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This abandoned control room is the cockpit of a BAC Concorde, now on display at the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany. You punks are all (probably) too young to remember all of the sturm und drang of the SST (SuperSonic Transport) programs back in the late […]


High Speed Relaxation

Reserve yours now! These vacations are going faster than I can tell you about them!


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User Input

User Input: Contemporary Beauty

The gun so awesome, they built a plane to carry it.

Last week’s User Input surrounding propellor-driven aircraft led to one of the best discussions we’ve had on this site. Not only did we have some great nominees, but the discussions around them even forced me to learn a thing or two against […]

Supersonic Transport Week

Anything You Can Do, I Can Steal Better

Hmmmm...that looks familiar

The Soviets had a long history of producing aircraft and spacecraft that looked shockingly similar to their western counterpart. Often times, this lead to accusations of espionage. Sometimes, the espionage charge was a little harsh. For instance, the Buran looked similar to NASA’s Space Shuttle mostly due to the fact that aerodynamics doesn’t change. Soviet aerospace engineers may have looked at pictures of the space shuttle, but no known actual information leaked. Continue reading Anything You Can Do, I Can Steal Better

Supersonic Transport Week, User Input

User Input: Taking It For Granted

In “The Physics of Star Trek”, author and physics professor Lawrence M. Krauss imagines that we would have computers on par with those in TNG within 30 years. That was 15 years ago, and he just might be right. At the time, dictation software required hours of training, video editing was done primarily on […]

Startup, Supersonic Transport Week

Startup: A Little Droop Can Be Good For You

No rhinoplasty required.

It was suggested last week that we should run with a theme of Supersonic Transports this week, or SST’s. We liked the idea, and there’s a huge wealth of topics to discuss, so we decided to run with it. And what’s one of the first things that come to mind […]