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Mirage IV

The Cold War era was often terrifying for those of us who lived through it. But today, from the comfort of a world gone berserk in a somewhat less M.A.D. way, we can sit back and cogitate over the functional beauty of some of the weapons systems designed to rain fiery death […]

Airborne Awesomosity

Hercules Goes For a Swim

C130 Seaplane 4

A good while back, 38 weeks ago, according to Intense Debate, I did a post on a particular variant of the C-130 that was developed for a mission to try and pull the Iranian hostages out by landing the plane inside the national soccer stadium in an operation called Credible Sport. If […]


Shutdown: Rocket Truck!

Soviet truck rocket launch

In Soviet Russia, Truck Rockets You!


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Atomic Awesome

Good Use of Government Resources

You may remember the SAGE network from such posts as Expand Your Radar Horizons (Parts 1 and Duex), and possibly some other I am forgetting regarding missile defense during the Cold War years. SAGE stands for Semi-Automatic Ground Environment, and essentially was a network of radar installations coupled with what passed for serious computing […]

Airborne Awesomosity

Бериев Бе-200

Be-200 1

You may remember the Beriev Be-200 from such Atomic Toasters posts as skitter‘s Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, where it made a brief appearance. This plane is a multipurpose amphibious aircraft and was designed by Beriev Aircraft and is assembled at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant of the Russian-based Irkut company. The first test […]

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One is the Loneliest Number

In 1961, GE proposed using a mildly modified B-52 as a test bed for the the XNJ140E-1 nuclear turbojet. In a wild tribute to asymmetry, the large atomic engine would have been mounted along the left aft portion of the fuselage. The initial plans were for the test aircraft to retain all […]

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Man Made Lightning

Nuclear explosions are known to have some occasional side effects, not all of which could exactly be classified as advantageous. Some of the effects however, don’t really have all that much bearing on the final outcome, and we only know about them thanks to high speed photography. Lightning bolts out of nuclear clouds is […]

Moments in History

The Difference of a Year

Berlin Wall TIME Magazine 1962

This year passed a quite milestone, for it always seems that 51 is never quite the event that 50 makes. A single year can make quite a difference in the ways of the world though. Our very own engineerd™ gave us this retrospective last year on the statement that the simple technology […]

Atomic Hangovers

One World or None

one world or none

At a place called Atomic Toasters, we can’t help but be intrigued by the various propaganda films from the atomic age of the Cold War, both for and against this source of power and weaponry. This film, produced by the National Committee on Atomic Information in 1946 attempts to portray both the […]

Military-Grade Awesome

Expand Your Radar Horizons (Part Deux)


In order to expand the radar early warning picket line out into the Atlantic, the US Air Force undertook a project to mount shore based radar systems on offshore platforms. Because of their similarity to the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, they were known as the Texas Towers. A week-ish (or so) […]