Startup: Free Coffee, If You Have The Time

Arrive in a Prius and your coffee gets an extra flavor shot that smells reminiscent of urine. On the other hand, eventually the barista would get sick of hearing everyone’s awful attempts at iambic pentameter.


User Input

User Input: Low Tech Collections

I have a huge assortment of hand-made coffee mugs. It all started years ago when my mother bought me a single unique mug from a local artisan. It was my go-to mug, every day, for several years. I had others in the cabinet, but they almost never got touched. Then, while moving, it […]


Startup: That’s No Moon

“Your taste buds can’t repel flavor of this mag…”    I forget the rest.


The Style of Technology

Grindingly Good

All this talk of coffee has me salivating and wishing it weren’t after 1pm. You see, if I were to enjoy the full bodied goodness of a good coffee right now, I would not sleep tonight. Instead, I just spent the last half hour perusing various grinders and brewing methods and wishing I […]

User Input

User Input: Personal Percolation Preferences

Yesterday, on engineerd’s post about the coffee-bags he’s discovered — which look brilliant, if you ask me — commenter Plecostomus noted that, while that was some kinda cool, it was missing out on a certain level of technology that should appeal to all of us. After all, there are dozens of ways of […]

Free Range Technology

Damn The Machines!


I love coffee. I can’t function until that first cup of brew is in my hands. I don’t even have to drink it. Just knowing I have caffeinated wonderfulness awaiting me is enough to let my brain start to work. I love the taste. I love the warmth…even in summer. I love everything about it. I’ll drink coffee from anywhere — Starbucks, Biggby, Second Cup, Timmy Ho’s, Double D’s. I have a Cuisinart Grind N’ Brew at home. Best kitchen invention ever. It’s a pain to keep clean, though. And an old timey coffee mill or even a newfangled electric one takes up too much space in my small kitchen. Plus, there are times where electricity isn’t available. Like when I’m camping or running from zombies. Or the man.

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Startup: When Do We Want It?

Today’s startup is NSFW. Now click “continue” to violate corporate policy.

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Startup: A Million Coffee Beans

A mural made with, yeah you guessed it. Title was a dead giveaway. Someone spent two weeks and apparently the same quantity again of coffee beans in brewed and drinkable form to create this.

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Idiotic or Inspired?

Coffee Talk

It is Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! here at the house of Speed, and like most mornings I am starting the day with my delicious friend coffee. Did somebody say coffee? How about a 60’s history of coffee!

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Startup: An Office Perk, And A Gentleman

It comes with three brew strengths: mild, medium, and mmmyes.