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Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass

A jet turbine is a carefully engineered piece of rotating machinery, with close tolerances being essential to safe and efficient operation. Many military and civilian applications of turbine engines, however, require operations in sub-optimal conditions. Sand, dust, and even salt water can impinge on the rapidily rotating blades inside the engine and quickly cause severe erosion.

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What Ever Became of…Carpet Sweepers?

As the story goes, it was way back in 1876 when old lady Bissel first expressed her carpet cleaning frustrations to her husband. She was trying to sweep sawdust out of the carpet with a corn broom, and having an unpleasant time with it. Melville took her frustrations on board and devised a mechanical sweeper, with the wheels driving a rotating brush to whisk the dirt into easy to empty trays. The carpet sweeper then swept the nation and helped built Bissel into a cleaning colossus.

The sweeper was ever present, even as the 20th century ground on and on into the 1980s. Something happened though, somewhere between upgrading to hardwood floors while attempting to flip a property and the Shark steam mop, the carpet sweepers ubiquity has been fading.

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