Get Your Geek On; It’s Back!

C64 Part Deux

Still pine for the days of 8-bit computing and hard-plastic chunka-chunka” keyboards? Never quite got over an old computing love affair, even after the power supply set off the smoke detector 10 years ago?

Well if you are a Commodore 64 fan guess what? You are now in luck,  IT’S BACK!!

WHAT?!? Could this be true?

Yes dear readers, and it’s just like before – only a weee bit better. Continue reading Get Your Geek On; It’s Back!


OCD, gadgets, and me

They won’t miss that last one.

Hello, my name is Michael and I am a gadget hoarder. It has been two months since I have brought home a discarded piece of technology. Continue reading OCD, gadgets, and me