Spy vs Spy Week

Spook-y Airline

The iconic image above of a helicopter evacuating American and Vietnamese personnel from Saigon minutes before the city fell into Vietcong control is ingrained in our minds. That helicopter, it should be noted, was not a military helicopter. Well, not technically.
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Spy vs Spy Week


A lineup of A-12s, quite possibly at Groom Lake

The U-2 reconnaissance aircraft was developed and became operational in the mid 1950s, and while it was successful, CIA officials had predicted that the aircraft’s useful lifetime for flights over the USSR would only be around 18 months. In its first flights over Soviet territory, the U-2 was detected and tracked very successfully by their air defense warning system. Efforts were made to make the U-2 less vulnerable, and new advances in radar-absorbent materials were tried and were successful to a degree, but not enough to solve the problem. A number of different analyses determined that supersonic speed made radar detection less likely, and it was decided that an extremely fast, high flying aircraft that also incorporated the best stealth technology available was the approach to take.

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Spy vs Spy Week, User Input

User Input: To The Death!

You know, it's really hard to avoid using these images…

When we look back on the intelligence battles of the Cold War, it becomes pretty easy to boil the whole thing down to a head-to-head CIA vs. KGB battle. But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, those were the […]

Spy vs Spy Week, User Input

User Input: Fictional Espionage

In the UK, they made a series of James Bond stamps, featuring the novel covers. Expect the Americans to do the same thing with the Twilight novels.

We decided to run with Spy vs. Spy Week this week specifically because there have been a few things gathering dust on the tips line that […]

User Input

User Input: Espionage In The Real World

As an added bonus, it'll keep you dry if it rains!

If you’re ever looking for a great way to lose an afternoon, there are few ways better than to sit down and read through Wikipedia’s series of articles on Cold War Espionage. Of particular interest to me were the various sections on […]

News Of The Weird, Prototypes and Experiments

MKULTRA, LSD, Mind Control

Mind control is one of those themes that is a staple of science fiction. An evil scientist creates a device that causes people to do things that are against their normal ethical and/or moral standards. A foreign government reprograms a POW to help in its overthrow of a major world government. Even the Jedi and Sith can control the weak minded.
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