Startup: Early Skill Development

“Hang on a sec. I can see my school from here.”



Startup: Sweet Revenge

Mrs. Stephenson never gave Timmy detention again for the entire year. Granted, that’s because the school didn’t have a detention hall (having been recently converted to a collection of chunks of plaster and concrete), so Mission Accomplished.



Startup: Never Too Early

“Hey dad, can you hand me my Fisher Price box wrench and Nerf hammer, there’s a bad bearing in the gumball shaft.”



Startup: Travelling To The Future…ama

Not sure if this is the coolest Etch-A-Sketch drawing ever, or coolest drawing of all time.

I would like to point out for the record that this is also a travel etch-a-sketch, which takes the difficulty factor right up to eleven.

UPDATE! (Oct 8)

This work of art was etched by Kyle Fleming in about […]


Startup: Real World Skills


Witness the machinations of a truly caring and responsible parent, preparing their child for the dangers of air travel. Small children often fall asleep while traveling, and everyone knows falling asleep on a plane comes with a high risk of getting Incepted. Practice those labyrinths, child, or all your secrets will be […]


Startup: Test Site


Originally commissioned by Unilever for the Tate exhibit in London, Carsten Höller’s interactive art piece “Test Site” is a series metal fiberglass slides you can use to exit the museum. Once their run at Tate was finished, the piece was purchased and moved to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia. […]


Startup: Modern Art

“Inconsolable Rage”

Mixed Media (Acrylic on Canvas, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, & Polyethylene on Copper)

User Input

User Input: All Morals Aside

Hey Optimus, quit playing with yourself and get back to work.

Michael Bay has proven time and time again that he will cash in on anything to make a movie – and my childhood is far from sacred. As we barrel towards a third Transformers movie (despite the writing, acting, plot, […]

Holiday Shenanigans, Spaceheads

A “Major” Christmas Eve Tradition

I grew up in the heady days of the space race, and during my “aerospace infatuation” era (roughly ages 5-15), no doll action figure was as impossibly cool as Major Matt Mason. He flew in space (very cool). He wore very believable space garb (very cool). He met …alien friends? (okay — not so believable, thus not so cool, but whatever.) Not only were Major Matt Mason toys one of my Christmas gift request staples for at least a three or four year period, but he became an annual symbol of family Christmas memories long after the last Saturn V blasted off from the Cape.
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Shutdown: Mr. Punch!

I submit that Mr. Punch may be the best name for anything ever.

My dad had one of these things, and when I was very little I’d steal it to play with. I think he got quite irritated with me, not because I was playing with a sharp drilling tool, but because he […]