Deconstructing Technology

Pits And Lands

The CD is one of those technologies that seems to be…lingering. In fact, it’s on our A-T Technology Death Pool. But what of that shiny surface?

As you may already know, it’s made up of “pits” which are usually 100 nm deep and 500 nm wide and vary from 850 nm to […]

User Input

User Input: Hey, the [insert decade here]’s Called…

Engineerd™ mentioned yesterday that he didn’t care whether or not his new car stereo had a CD player. That both made sense to me and left me a little dumbfounded. Not to date myself, but I can remember finally getting rid of the old Malibu and its 8-track player and going to cassette, then […]

User Input

User Input: One Bling To Rule Them All

Is it wrong to spend as much in your car as in your livingroom?

Getting to work would definitely be much more fun if we had mass transit based on the trebuchet that Deartháir wrote about. Alas, most of us are confined four wheels and an engine, or at least something on wheels. […]

Deconstructing Technology, The Technology of Music

A Brief History of Music Delivery

Round is apparently best for music.

I was cleaning up my basement when I realized that I have almost all the forms of music delivery that have ever been present in one place.  Let me expand that thought.

It started with just music.  We beat on logs, later skins with a group of […]