Bite the Head Off a Bat

Last week Microsoft had some big announcement of the sort that is not really much of our concern around here, but it yielded a headline over on another website that popped up on my Goggle News and had me scratching my head–With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Just Osborned Itself. Ozzy has a new show where he tries to turn on a computer? Bill Gates bit the head off a bat to stick it to Apple? What could it all mean?

As it turns out, it was a reference to a technological miscalculation of historical proportions, that after reading about I had a vague recollection that perhaps once I had heard tell of such, and so I set off to the googles and the wikis to find the whole truth and nothing but to share with you all. Click the jump to take a look back to 1983, and the foundation of the Osborne Effect!

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Cause and Effect, Startup

Startup: Great Power, Questionable Merit

If your neighbour has one of these on his front lawn, don't complain about his dog.

Today marks the 197th anniversary of the Allies capture of Paris in the Napoleonic Wars, which led to Napoleon’s exile to the island of Elba. His return a year later would lead to the Battle of Waterloo and his ultimate defeat. It also marked a period of drastic change in the tactics and technology utilised in warfare up to that point.

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Startup: Follow the Camel

The Sopwith Camel was one of the most successful aircraft of the First World War. It racked up more kills than any other Allied craft, and took the lead by being simple, reliable and efficient. But in a way, it was also responsible for the Space Shuttle program.

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