Genius Innovators

Extreme Cooling

Case modding has a long and often weird past. Our desire to individualize our cases stems from our human desire to conform in many ways, but stand out in others. However, every now and then, a case mod comes along that actually has a purpose. And looks cool, too.

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Startup: Philco PC

SchultzeWORKS placed highly in a design competition for this steampunk-antique-minimalist computer case they call the “Philco PC” so named because it resembles the Philco Predicta, an iconic 1950’s era television set famous for its detached CRT. While SchultzeWORKS remains a going concern, Philco went bankrupt in 1960 due to poor sales of the […]


Startup: Spherical, but Quite Pointy at Parts

The future is here, and it looks like the past! Sputnik 0667 may not exactly be the Sistine Chapel, but creating custom advertisements to showcase your one off case-mod is a pretty solid effort. And check out those screen graphics! ‘Bye baby, I’m going space hunting!’

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