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What has three wheels and waddles through the air?

The Brewster in it's natural state

It’s time to learn what it takes to get your aircraft factory shut down in 1944. To start out as the first US Navy monoplane then be remembered as living up to it’s name as the Buffalo of the air.

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Sponge Candy: Just Say No.

As the twentieth century dawned, Buffalo, New York had it goin’ on: eighth largest city in the US; major rail, manufacturing and banking hub; host of the extravagant 1902 Pan-American Exposition (a major success except for that part when President McKinley got assassinated). Thanks to hydro-electric power from nearby Niagara Falls, Buffalo boasted the most pervasive electric power grid anywhere in the world and was nicknamed “The City of Light.” It was also known as the “The Queen City,” a reference not only being second in population within the state, but also a not-so-subtle implication that New York City owed Buffalo some of the credit for the state’s unmatched significance in the nation.

There’s nothing quite so awesome coming out of Buffalo lately, is there? The shocking reason for this is that chocolate-coated demon — SPONGE CANDY.
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