Shutdown: Operate Your Power Tools Safely

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Here we see one of those “oops” moments in the operation of schaufelradbagger 288, the largest land vehicle on the planet, at Tagebau Hambach in Germany in 2006. It seems that a Caterpillar D6R bulldozer wandered out in front of the BWE in a position where the operator couldn’t see […]

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BCMs #2 Schaufelradbagger

Schaufelradbagger at night

Greetings, everyone.

For a little change of pace, I thought that the Big, Complicated Machine that we would look at today is the mighty Schaufelradbagger, or bucket wheel excavator as it is known in English speaking countries. I personally prefer the German word. The Germans come up with such great five-dollar words for technological items, I just wish I could remember them better. Because the name is a tad long to type a lot, I’ll refer to them as BWEs from here on.

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