Startup: Nutritional Balance To The Force

“Martha, there’s something off about my cereal this morning. Come take a look! Do these look a little short for a stormtrooper to you?”


User Input

User Input: Insert In Face Hole

We’ve all had one of those late-night hunger pangs at some point, whether we’ve been up late doing homework, drinking, gaming, coding, or some combination of the above. You’re hopped up on Red Bull and exhaustion, and your body screams at you for some sort of sustenance. Feeling far too lazy to put all […]


What Ever Became of…Manual Juicers?

When I was a kid, we had a large appliance down in the bottom cabinet–a manual juicer. Big and bulk and rarely used, my brother and I were somewhat fascinated by it, and always wanted to make real orange juice! We did of course, get our chance, on one or two occasions, most likely due to our incessant badgering about using it. If any of you have ever had the fun of using one of these, you might know where this is going–the juicer worked, sure, but it too somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 oranges and 30 minutes of time to make a single glass of juice.

Now that I have kids of my own, it is interesting to find that they too are intrigued by juicing oranges. There must be something about squishing and smashing up fruit that just seems fun! When they ask all about making real orange juice, my wife and I reminiscent and try to explain juicing, and just how much trouble it really is. Regrettably  we have neither the giant juice machine I remember, or the simple ‘poke a straw in the orange’ my wife remembers, so as yet we have dodged the squeezing juice bullet.

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It’s National Grilled Cheese Sammich Day!!

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again, it’s National Grilled Cheese Sammich day!

Never mind that it is also National Grilled Cheese sammich MONTH, I need an excuse to grill up one of these tasty treats like I need an excuse to breathe. This just gives me an extra official reason to gloat about it.

Now, there is a secret to making grilled cheese sammiches that I was happy to keep to my chubby self, but a certain Canadian dark-overlord decided to blab it all over the intertubes. This got the attention of regular commentor Mr Biggles, and the upshot of all this is that Mr Biggles demanded a post on said treasure. Who are we to deny him?

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Startup: How to Crack an Egg

We here at Atomic Toasters recently had a behind the scenes discussion on the merits of using food as a viable tech topic. There were plenty of pros and cons, and it was agreed that we all love food, but in the end nothing was really agreed upon other than the obvious fact that we are easily distracted by it, as evidenced by the recurring use of the word poutine.

Or perhaps we did agree on something, but I was obviously too distracted by the poutine (delicious BTW) and promptly forgot what we were talking about. In any case, our fearless leader Dearth-vad-air has left us mice the keys to Atomic Toasters for the weekend and made us promise not to run amok.

Italian-in sausage!

So just in time for a big fat weekend breakfast, let’s run amok!

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