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Astounding World of Science Fiction

There have been a few comments on the site the past couple of weeks that reminded me of something that I wanted to post about when I started this weekend gig–science fiction. I know that we have had our share of Star Wars vs Star Trek debates, and I am sure there will be more such entertainment to come. And sci-fi is of course not just movies and television, but also the written word, science fiction books and stories from days gone by.

As an enjoyer of the genre, in pretty much all forms, one of the post topics I had considered was to occasionally pick a book from my semi-extensive collection and do a little write-up on it. A sort of book report, the likes of which I haven’t really done since grade school, although many of those books were much less pleasant to wade through. There are some sci-fi books out there I think are outstanding, and I’d like to share them with you, as well as hopefully stimulate some discussion and discover some new books myself!

The question then I found myself asking, as a new contributor here to AT, was that of relevance. Toasters has a personality, a theme, a purpose for existence if you will, and as someone coming in to add to it I want to maintain that focus on celebrating obsolete technology, on discovering and expanding our knowledge of some of the roads less traveled along our journey’s of technological development. So does sci-fi literature fit into this, does it have a place here?

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User Input

User Input: I Only Read It For The Articles

When a franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek get big enough, problems of continuity come in to play all the time. Writers like creative freedom. Overzealous fans like cannon. Plain ol’ regular fans just like to be able to keep track of what the hell is going on. That’s what people like Leland […]

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User Input: I’ll Bet You Enjoy Dick

Atomic Toasters is running a series of features on recommended reading for all, but this list is by no means exhaustive. As mentioned in yesterday’s question, literacy is a key component of civilization. It’s also a nearly universal prerequisite of geekery. Without getting into a Venn diagram, it is probably safe to say that […]

AT Book Club

AT Book Club: Boneshaker


Let’s prey on the weak sci-fi/fantasy readership for a second.  What would happen if you take zombies, steam-punk and fake history and set it in Seattle?  You’d get an awesome book that has something for everybody.

“Boneshaker”, by Cherie Priest works on a lot of levels.  There are dirigibles (or blimps for […]

AT Book Club

AT Book Club: Welcome


Over the next few weeks, Atomic Toasters will be delving into some of our favorite books.  “What?  This is supposed to be a technology site.”  You in the quotation marks, shut up!  Books are some of the most basic and fundamental technology on our planet.  In the world before the internet, books […]