The X-37B: America’s Secret Spaceplane

Last Saturday an Atlas V lifted off from Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral. Inside its fairing was a Boeing X-37B. The mini-space shuttle is surrounded in mystery, so this launch, and the previous launch, have sent conspiracy theorists all a-twitter. Continue reading The X-37B: America’s Secret Spaceplane

Military-Grade Awesome, Prototypes and Experiments

A Great Leap Forward, Two Steps Back

Initial tests involving the installation of the Iroquois into scaled up Radio Flyers proved unsuccessful.

A great many acres of trees have been sacrificed to writing about the tragic loss of the Avro Arrow program due to the intrigues of politics and backroom machinations. Always quietly mentioned within that program is the loss of the Orenda Iroquois engine, which was intended to be the primary powerplant for the Arrow, and was cancelled at the same time as the Arrow by shortsighted politicians in the Canadian government. While the Arrow was a great loss to the Canadian aeronautics industry — effectively it destroyed the Avro Aircraft Company, spreading the brilliant engineers working on the project across the entire industry and throughout many NATO nations — the loss of the Iroquois engine was detrimental to the aeronautics industry as a whole.

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