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User Input: Rivalry Prediction

“You think you can stare down Elmo? Elmo doesn’t even have eyelids, so bring it on.”

For some strange reason, the realm of technology is absolutely replete with rivalries. Apple vs. Microsoft; Google vs. Yahoo; Microsoft vs. Sony; Apple vs. Google; Blackberry vs. Irrelevance. Perhaps it’s the passive nature of the nerds behind-the-scenes; […]

User Input

User Input: User Input

Always wanted to try one of these…

Throughout the course of my day, I have the possible misfortune of using many of the most-maligned forms of input for various technological devices, often many times a day. I work with vehicles, most specifically Fords and Lincolns, which means I am extremely proficient with the […]

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User Input: Plugged In To The Matrix

Remember that silly movie, where Keanu Reeves was like plugged into a big complex network that took over his brain and controlled what he thought and saw, and try as he might, he couldn’t escape it until Lawrence Fishburn roofied him? Yeah, that’s so totally unrealistic. Well, except for the part where it’s […]

A-T Technology Death Pool

A-T Technology Death Pool: The End

Way back on the 2nd of January, 2012 AD, we asked you to try and predict what technologies would find their final resting place this year. We had some interesting guesses. And a huge miss.

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User Input: Guilty Pleasures

Extra-large "Guilty Pleasure" with a double-shot of indulgence, please.

Alright, everyone, it’s confession time. Let’s face it, if you’re checking out AtomicToasters, you’re probably going to be addicted to gadgets and gizmos to some extent. Perhaps you’re horribly addicted like most of the editors, or firmly in denial like myself. If your spouse […]