Go-Fast Technology



Dr. J.A. Purves demonstrates his remarkable invention in spherical locomotion!! Video after the jump!

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Startup: The Morning Commute

Worse than speeding on a highway, going too slow makes you a safety hazard. Roads like this one ensure that such nuisances are eliminated from the gene pool, as failure to maintain minimum safe speed will bring your commute to a swift, vertical end.



What Ever Became of…Big Wheels?


Today’s entry into our little discussion on lots bits of technology might delve just a little into what you might call ‘first world problems’, so consider yourself warned. I have probably mentioned before that I have kids, and they are the type that enjoys outdoor activities, so they wanted bikes. Starting with the biggest, we initially bought a tricycle, with the pedals directly affixed to the front wheel. Honestly, that didn’t seem to work that well, because kids just want to push with their feet, and end up barking their shins constantly on the pedals. So when we moved to bikes, we made sure to get the small bikes with real pedals and chains. But they of course needed training wheels. This creates the issue of being dependent on the training wheels, and not really learning how to balance. So then we discovered this cool new thing, balance bikes! These don’t have any pedals at all, the kids just push with their feet, and when they get better at balancing, there are little footpegs to get up to speed, the set your feet on and glide. The idea being, you learn to balance this way, and then can transition straight onto a real bike with no training wheels. Check back with me an about a year, and I will let you know how it goes!

What does this have to do with anything? Well, I realized at some point in this process that what I hadn’t seen when look at different sorts of tricycles and bikes was a Big Wheel. Where ever did the Big Wheel trikes go? I recall they used to be all over, and the low slung shape and reclined position seemed to make them easier to handle and ride than an upright standard tricycle. Plus, have you ever seen The Boy Who Could Fly? Weird film, for certain, but the female lead’s little brother has some very entertaining adventures centered around trying to get around the block on his Big Wheel.

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